SFIDANTE INC. Launches Eco Friendly Personalised Photo Gift Service "OKURU" in Singapore

SINGAPORE, June 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- SFIDANTE INC. is pleased to announce the launch of an OKURU service that enables customers to make a stylish square box calendar by using photos in their smartphones via OKURU application.

OKURU Service Title Page

OKURU Service Title Page

OKURU Product Images

OKURU Product Images

OKURU Product Images - Gift Box made with recycled paper

OKURU Product Images - Gift Box made with recycled paper

What is OKURU? 

OKURU is a service that turns photos from smartphones into a personalized gift for family or friends. Each photo carries special "memories", "happiness" and "gratitude". The name "OKURU" means "send" and "present" in Japanese, a unique gift guaranteed to bring a smile to someone's face every time they see it.  

The UI / UX of OKURU application was designed with the busy working mothers in mind, who value both their work and family life. The aim therefore is to make the process so simple and intuitive, with minimal time and effort.

Three features offered by OKURU 

The 3 main features offered by OKURU are "Made-in-Japan", "Eco Friendly" and "Stylish Design"

  1. "Made-in-Japan": OKURU original calendar box is carefully made one-by-one in Japan. The photos are also printed at the Fujifilm plant in Japan, featuring beautiful and vivid finishes.

  2. "Eco Friendly": The calendar box is made entirely of recycled paper, because the company cares about the environment, as much as our customers.  

  3. "Stylish Design": The company is committed to a simple yet stylish design that can blend in wherever it is placed. This OKURU product has won the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2018 in Japan. (Reference: https://www.g-mark.org/award/describe/48146?locale=en)

How to order a square box calendar?

Step 1 - Install the application
Download the "OKURU Singapore" application from https://app.adjust.com/kbrq7lc or the App Store* on a smartphone 

Step 2 - Personalize the photo gift 
Select calendar design and photos on OKURU application

Step 3 - Check out 
Confirm the order information including the item, shipping information and payment method

Step 4 - Delivery 
The company will carefully deliver the gift with warmest wishes from OKURU

* Currently the application is available on the iOS store. The Android application will be launched soon.

OKURU will initially offer the stylish square box calendar in Singapore, and we will look to introduce a broader range of photo calendars and gifts in the coming months.


SFIDANTE was founded in 2009 by current CEO Keisuke Yasumoto. SFIDANTE means "Challenger" in Italian. Our core vision is "to inspire people's life with happiness through our innovative services and products." The company has developed over 250 smartphone applications and is currently one of the largest online New Year's photo greeting card companies in Japan. SFIDANTE is developing a "smartphone photo print" business that transforms the photos from smartphones into personalised gifts. We will continue to offer tailored services and unique, personalized products, each made with full of memories, smiles and gratitude.   

Photo Gift Service - OKURU
URL https://okuru-photo.com/sg/
Inquiry support.sg@okuru-photo.com 
AppStore https://app.adjust.com/kbrq7lc 
  *Currently only iOS application is available. Android application is now under construction. 


Founder & CEO Keisuke Yasumoto 
Address 5F 1-30-22 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 151-0063  
Founded September 9, 2009