SFIDANTE is the Italian word for 'challenger'. Founded in 2009 with the aim of "bringing smiles to the world", we are the leader in photo printing and photo gift services that create smiles from photos on your smartphones. In 2019, in our 10th year, we joined the Mixi Group to further challenge ourselves.
Even after joining forces with Mixi, the challenger spirit of the early days is still alive and well - ever since we, a group of highly enthusiastic colleagues in our twenties, started the company. Today, in addition to our own services, we are taking on the challenge of bringing smiles to families around the world through "FamilyAlbum - Mitene."

Creating a world
where everyone can live
with a smile.
Creating a world
where everyone can live
with a smile.
Bringing smiles to the world through
our services, products, and businesses.
Bringing smiles to
the world
through our services,
products, and

SFIDANTE was started by a group of people who shared the same wish: to create a world where everyone can feel that life is fun. We believe that if we can bring smiles to the world, we can deliver the power of life to as many people as possible. By realising our vision as a business, we want to bring more smiles to the world, and we challenge ourselves every day to make this happen.
The realization of our vision is what is most important to us. To achieve this, we are particular about "who we work with." Our goal is to make the world a better place and to bring smiles to people's faces by bringing together people who care about the people they work with and by working hard to deliver services and products with enthusiasm.


We value character, attitude, and, above all, enthusiasm for "Monozukuri", the Japanese word for development and manufacturing with attention and spirit.
We constantly ask ourselves what we can do to achieve the future we want.
What we value at SFIDANTE, none of which we can do without, are our PHILOSOPHY.

・Make people smile
・Be proud and enthusiastic about our work
・Help each other without being bound to our own roles
・Sincerely care for our colleagues and learn from them

・Be enthusiastic about what we are working on
・Have a sense of responsibility and commitment to Monozukuri
・Commit to imagining and improving the user experience
・Every team member has a leadership role
・Think of ways to exceed expectations and take every opportunity to do so

Craftsmanship / Aesthetic
・Imagine the smile on the users' faces
・Be excited when you touch the product
・Choose the materials carefully
・Remove unnecessary features/items
・Never impose


To create a relationship where we are always equal, where we respect each other and work hard together, and where we can keep running as fast as we can, imagining more smiles in the world – this is what we aim for. Even when you are running into open space as fast as you can go, your friends will pass you the ball before you know it. Because we are all running as fast as we can in the same direction, we can create a chemical reaction as a team and create something better.
The excitement of challenging yourself with respectful colleagues and great people. A great environment where all members can express their creativity in a relationship of mutual trust and respect. SFIDANTE aims to be a team full of humanity.


SFIDANTE is looking for teammates who share our passion, who can take on challenges together in the same direction, genuinely and positively demonstrate their individual strengths, and take on the challenge of creating services and products that bring smiles to the world.
To achieve our goals as a team and to meet new challenges, we hope to connect with people with charm and personalities that we do not yet know.